The Power and Promise of Partnership on Display at BIO

For many years, the BIO International Convention has served as one of the great conveners of our life sciences industry. This gathering of exceptional minds and grand ideas has provided an annual time to make new connections and solidify longstanding ones, reinvigorating and rededicating ourselves. This year is special because after a period of turmoil and challenges to our industry and society at large, attendees are all back live to inspire, educate, motivate, and connect with one another.

It is in this spirit and belief in the power and potential of partnership that Johnson & Johnson is excited to continue our longstanding support of this extraordinary organization, to learn from and engage with our industry colleagues and groundbreaking companies, and to celebrate the innovations and milestones of our partners in industry, academia, and healthcare systems from across the globe. 

This year, Johnson & Johnson is at BIO to demonstrate our efforts to unlock breakthrough science and tackle the world’s toughest healthcare challenges. We look forward to engaging with industry peers on our unique approaches to collaboration, because we understand that addressing the greatest needs requires openness to new ideas and broad perspectives. By collaborating with inventors around the world, we gain access to distinct viewpoints from diverse cultures and experiences. We believe a great idea can come from anywhere – from inside our own laboratories and beyond – and hope to illustrate this mindset throughout the week at BIO.

We also seek to showcase the myriad ways that Data Science & Digital Health are embedded across our portfolio. The global pandemic spurred the true convergence of convenience and connectivity.  It also led to a greater understanding of the opportunity to harness data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help drive true insight generation, making what seemed impossible possible, and often making the path more efficient.  Availability of high-quality data and new advances in algorithms are reaching a level of maturity and working in concert to lead to an increase in personalized care – the right care for the right person at the right time – that will ultimately provide better health outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs.

We are also excited to lend our voice to the increasing dialogue around access and health equity because while treating a new disease or breaking ground on a new therapy is fundamental to our business, improving access to our marketed products and ensuring the improvement of all lives, everywhere is fundamental to who we are. There is no better time or place to cultivate new ideas and better approaches to health equity than at BIO. 

We at J&J look forward to expanding the reaches of innovation for tomorrow even as we never stop seeking to address the urgent needs of today. It is something we can all do together this week – filled with “LIMITLESS” possibilities and opportunity. Despite the ongoing challenges of the times in which we live, science and innovation have continued to march forward as it must so that together we can achieve a future of better health for humanity.