Successful Partnerships through Trust During Turbulent Times

Every year many of us look forward to the BIO International Convention as an opportunity to teach, learn, connect, and draw inspiration from one another. This year has proven to be even more fulfilling because we are now back together live to build off the collective energy of colleagues, partners and friends. As such, I have been reflecting on the power of relationships and the bonds of trust that must be formed to advance from early dealmaking to impactful, long-term partnerships. In the search for the true win-win scenario, I think the secret can be found in relationships that serve both the parties involved as well as the greater societal good.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that innovation must never be thwarted because the cost of inaction is too high. And the way to ensure ongoing discovery and invention is to cultivate strategic partnerships steeped in collaboration and mutual success to ultimately improve health equitably around the world. But at their core, these relationships must first be built on trust – trust that cannot be bought or acquired but earned.

At Janssen we strive to create that trust through long-standing experience in flexible, creative dealmaking and deep understanding of market demand. We bring unparalleled scientific expertise and global capabilities to all our strategic partners. And, importantly, we know how to help early-stage companies flourish by supporting the right development path, identifying the right applications of innovative platforms, seizing the best opportunities to make a difference and ultimately helping the broadest number of patients around the world who are counting on us to address their health needs.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Wise men put their trust in ideas and not in circumstances.”

As I look around BIO 2022 there is substantial reason for optimism about what can be achieved through trusting partnerships. It is an exciting time for pharmaceutical collaboration – and I say this despite the challenges of COVID-19, current economic headwinds and bearish industry outlook over the past six months.

One of the trends I am particularly excited about at BIO 2022 and throughout the life science ecosystem, is the increased prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the level of digital and research and development collaboration and innovation. We are in the midst of a scientific revolution. From reimagining clinical trials to complex data mining, to artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug research, digital is rapidly changing how medicines and vaccines are developed. Companies can now see and capture previously invisible or unobtainable insights to speed up drug development like never before.

The past year has continued to challenge our society in ways large and small. But when

BIO 2022 comes to a close, let us depart with a renewed commitment to each other and resolved to the fundamental truth that partnerships built on trust can achieve a great many things – both for the collaborators involved and more importantly for all those across the globe whose lives, health and wellbeing we seek to improve.  Together, we can foster an ecosystem that drives strong innovation and prioritizes improved outcomes and health for patients.