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We seek the best science and technology, no matter where it is, to solve the greatest healthcare unmet needs of our time.

Through our four regional Innovation Centers, located across the globe, we support and invest in highly differentiated early-stage innovations that extend and improve lives everywhere.

  • West North America Innovation Center, located in South San Francisco, California is a regional hub for collaborations throughout the Western region of North America (USA and Canada) and Australia & New Zealand (ANZ).
  • East North America Innovation Center, located in Boston, Massachusetts is a regional hub for collaborations throughout the Eastern region of North America (USA and Canada).
  • EMEA Innovation Center, located in London, UK is a regional hub for collaborations throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with networks in innovation hot spots such as Switzerland, Nordics, France and Germany.
  • APAC Innovation Center, located in Shanghai, China is a regional hub for collaborations throughout Asia Pacific (APAC) with offices also in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.


A great idea can come from anywhere. That’s why Johnson & Johnson has established Innovation Centers in the world’s top life science hubs, which are constantly percolating with new concepts for improving human health. With each collaboration, our expert teams in South San Francisco, Boston, London and Shanghai nurture the global innovation ecosystem to ensure its continued vibrancy.

Each Innovation Center is designed to identify the best science and technology in the region, so we can create thriving collaborations with entrepreneurs and scientists developing important pharmaceuticals, medical device technologies and consumer healthcare products.

An integrated team of scientific and business experts is onsite at each of our four centers, with flexible deal-making capabilities to meet the needs of any company.

Our teams bring a history of success in R&D, product development and commercialization to each conversation; they know how to advance transformative technologies into products that change lives.

Team Members
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Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers bring forth a new model for advancing early-stage innovation, providing essential resources to meet the needs of life science entrepreneurs.

A Global Team of Experts

Each regional Innovation Center houses science and business experts specialized in accelerating cutting-edge science into viable healthcare solutions with potential to improve lives around the world.

Teams include veteran R&D and product development leaders, experienced investors, transaction and legal advisors and professionals from across finance and business development.

We work side-by-side with innovators throughout their journey, providing a robust exchange of ideas and resources to support their success.

Unique Collaboration

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers are designed to provide entrepreneurs and scientists one-stop access to the broad resources of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Our method is to first understand our partners’ approach and what will be required to transform a promising idea into a real, tangible healthcare solution. To every conversation, we bring a strong history of success in R&D, product development, and commercialization. We work with companies in the earliest stages of innovation all the way up to and including proof-of-concept objectives.

The Tools You Need

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers offer a diverse array of tools to advance new technologies and contribute to the success of our partner companies.

Depending on the stage of the company or technology, we can provide early-stage research funding, seed funding and equity investments as well as licensing and R&D collaborations.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of facilities and operational support to help start-up companies thrive. This includes JLABS sites, regional incubators and a year-round curriculum focused on business development and drug development.

Guidance to Grow

Our Innovation Center teams are active in their scientific communities and in the broader Johnson & Johnson Innovation community. Through our connections, partners can access mentorship and networking support, including help entering international markets, cross-sector experience, pricing and reimbursement, market testing and new company creation.

Focus Areas

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers have flexible deal-making capabilities to support the needs of early-stage life science, medical device, and consumer companies, as well as entrepreneurs and academic researchers with an innovative idea. We look forward to working with you, and together, improving healthcare and our innovation ecosystem around the world. 

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