Congratulations to Three J&J Employees Recognized as Pharmaceutical Executive® 2021 Emerging Pharma Leaders

Congratulations to Sally Allain, Donna Hunt Hodge and Teisha Robinson, who have been recognized as Pharmaceutical Executive® 2021 Emerging Pharma Leaders. The select group of industry executives awarded this honor are recognized by their peers and supervisors as leaders who will change the future of the pharma industry and who are dedicated to improving the lives of patients.

Sally Allain

Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ Washington, DC

Sally AllainIn a time of great change, Sally Allain, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ Washington, DC, remained committed to readying JLABS for the opening of its strategic  location in Washington, D.C, during pandemic constraints. Allain’s role in leading the start-of-the-art facility includes evaluating and selecting a strong portfolio of innovators for the site and fostering strategic partnerships with corporate, academic, government and industry organizations within the region. Sally is committed to helping spark growth for start-up companies from across the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer health and health technology sectors, and to supporting initiatives to drive diverse innovation. In her recent interview with Pharmaceutical Executive on the award honor, Sally said, “We have to come from a position of empathy; we need to listen to teams and individuals. In our world, when we’re looking at solutions for our patients and consumers, we need to put ourselves in their shoes.” Read the full article about Sally here.


Donna Hunt Hodge

Director of New Product Development, Inherited Retinal Diseases

DonnaHuntHodgeAs Director of New Product Development for Janssen’s Inherited Retinal Diseases, Donna Hunt Hodge leads her team and those she mentors with candor and heart. Donna has a passion for working in fields that give back from a healthcare perspective. She also prides herself in having a network of multiple mentors from various companies. When recently interviewed by Pharmaceutical Executive, Donna said, "When I came back to J&J in 2013 it was when the company was starting up its diabetes business. I was early in my marketing career at my former company, and a senior leader from J&J met me at a diner to talk about why I should join her. Not only was she a woman, but she was also a woman of color, and that was so impressive. It made me see how I could play a role in advancing J&J’s commitment to diversity. This connection also inspired me to pay it forward by serving as a mentor to rising women of color.” Read the full article about Donna here.


Teisha Robinson

Director of Strategic Accounts

TeishaRobinsonAs Director of Strategic Accounts, Emerging Accounts, Teisha Robinson believes the strongest leaders must be forward thinking, agile and flexible. She also believes in the power of networking and learning from peers. In her interview with Pharmaceutical Executive, Teisha said, “One thing that’s important to know as you're progressing in your career and seeing people who are doing well, is that it's okay to reach out to them and ask ‘Hey, how did you do it?’ Because people are also very willing to help if you just reach out. The reality is, we all stand on the shoulders of somebody, and if we don't admit that, then we're not paying homage to the people who have helped us be who we are.” Read the full article about Teisha here.

Congratulations to Sally, Donna and Teisha, and thanks for your hard work and dedication to our business and more importantly to our patients.