J&J Panels @ ESOF Women in Science, Oncology Innovations, Transparency and Trust


Women in Science: Careers and Policy Leadership

Seema Kumar, J&J Vice President for Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication facilitated this panel discussion of women leaders in science, policy and academia, from France, UK, Japan and Hungary. They explored approaches to enable women’s access to ‘STEM’ education and careers – in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Panelists looked at roles for academia, industry, NGOs and government to make this happen.

Key issues for the session were: how research funding agencies consider gender equity – for hiring and promoting STEM employees; the recent Evaluation of Gender Equality in Horizon 2020 projects; and what systemic changes are needed to encourage more women into senior roles in the science and science policy arena.

  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen — Emeritus Research Director, CNRS, France; ESOF 2018 Champion and Steering Committee Chair
  • Judit Sandor — Professor, Central European University, Hungary; Former Chief of Bioethics, UNESCO
  • Suzanne de Cheveigné — Director of Research Emeritus, CNRS; former Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics
  • Miyoko O. Watanabe — Deputy Executive Director, Japan Science & Technology Agency  
  • Theresa Pattery — Disease Management Program Leader, Global Public Health, Janssen.  



Oncology Panel – Enabling Effective Cancer Immunotherapy via Single-Cell Technologies

Blending single-cell immunotherapy technologies with deep learning approaches to data analysis opens new paths to effective and more personalized treatments for cancer patients, and potential for new types of vaccines.

Two leading immunologists shared perspectives from their research in progress: 

  • Maha Ayyoub — Professor of Immunology at University Toulouse; Practitioner at the IUCT Hospital, Oncopole, France.   
  • Karim Vermaelen — Associate Professor, Gent Universitair Ziekenhuis; Principal investigator, Tumor Immunology Laboratory of the Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine; Co-founder, Immuno-Oncology Network, Gent, Universitair Ziekenhuis, Belgium.   


Transparency Panel – Building Trust for Science in the Innovation Ecosystem

The acceptance of science to enrich important debates in society requires the public’s trust. The current climate of ‘non-science’ and anti-media sentiment in some public and policy circles is a threat to the credibility that research brings to evidence-based policy making. This session, led by Jens Degett, President of the EU Science Journalists’ Associations and member of the ESOF 2018 International Marketing and Media Committee, discussed approaches that players in the innovation ecosystem can use to build a better understanding of the value of science – to rebuild trust.

  • Frederik Wittock — Senior Director Communications, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development; ESOF 2018 International Marketing and Media Committee member
  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen — Emeritus Research Director, CNRS, France; ESOF 2018 Champion and Steering Committee Chair
  • Mohammed Yahia — Executive Editor, Nature Research in the Middle East; President, World Federation of Science Journalists
  • Stephane Berghmans — VP, Global Academic & Research Relations team, Elsevier; ESOF 2018 International Marketing and Media Committee member; Governing Board member, EuroScience.