Johnson & Johnson Innovation and BARDA Select a Surge Force of Companies with the Aim to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic as Part of Its BLUE KNIGHT™ Collaboration

Blue Knight is a joint initiative between Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS
and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) that aims to stimulate and accelerate innovation to improve global health security

Blue Knight continues to build on the series of collaborations between Johnson & Johnson and BARDA with the aim to prevent and effectively manage future infectious disease threats

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 27, 2020 - Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC today announced the first companies to be part of its medical countermeasure innovation collaboration called Blue Knight, a joint initiative dedicated to anticipating potential health security threats, activating the global innovation community, and amplifying scientific and technological advancements with the aim to prepare for and respond to our rapidly evolving global health environment. Blue Knight has been developed in collaboration with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a component of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (JLABS), a global network of life science incubators empowering and enabling innovators to deliver potential life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to people around the globe.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation and BARDA selected seven companies from across the global JLABS portfolio for their promising work to fill gaps in the current set of available COVID-19 diagnostic, therapeutic, vaccine and other technology potential solutions. These start-up companies will be the first cohort to enter the Blue Knight collaboration. They will receive combined support of up to $500,000 and mentorship from BARDA and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies with the aim to accelerate the development of their potential solutions to the patients, frontline healthcare workers and communities who need them.

“We live in an interconnected world where infectious diseases such as TB, HIV, Ebola, Zika and most recently COVID-19 have no borders,” said Paul Stoffels, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson. “That is why at Johnson & Johnson, we work together with our partners to unlock the collective power of the global community with the aim to prevent and respond to health security threats of today while also nurturing the innovative ideas and ingenuity of the scientists and entrepreneurs working to secure our health in the future.”

Blue Knight continues to build on established collaborations between Johnson & Johnson and BARDA with the aim to accelerate potential therapies and vaccines to protect against COVID-19 and other infectious disease threats and seeks to leverage the experience of Johnson & Johnson Innovation to catalyze communities of entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to further promote and support the development of related, potential treatments and prevention solutions.

“Our preparedness and response to emerging public health threats as well as existing debilitating diseases requires new, transformational approaches,” said William N. Hait, M.D., Ph.D., Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation. “Through Blue Knight, jointly with BARDA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation aims to identify and nurture the best ideas of early-stage companies from across our global innovation network to accelerate the development of potentially life-changing new solutions aimed to prevent, intercept, treat and cure serious diseases.”

The following JLABS resident companies have been selected as the first Blue Knight companies:

  • 7 Hills Pharma, JLABS @ TMC: 7 Hills Pharma’s oral immune stimulant is a clinical-stage, first-in-concept treatment aimed to stimulate the body’s immune response against tumor and infectious disease antigens, including SARS-CoV-2.
  • Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc. (ATI), JLABS @ NYC: ATI is developing the first pan-coronavirus prophylactics with the aim of preventing infections by any coronavirus, from COVID-19 to the next threat.
  • Epic Bio, JLABS @ SSF: The technology of Epic Bio leverages the recently discovered Cas13d nuclease molecule to specifically cleave and degrade viral RNA sequences with high efficiency and having the potential to serve as a novel prophylactic antiviral approach to combat SARS-CoV-2.
  • Gabi SmartCare, JLABS @ BE: Gabi SmartCare developed a remote monitoring solution that combines advanced medical wearable technologies and predictive digital analytics aimed at enabling the early detection and recovery surveillance of respiratory issues.
  • Genome Biologics, JLABS @ BE: Through novel approaches using its GENIMAPS® computational platform, Genome Biologics aims to find unknown links between FDA/EMA-approved drugs and disease and to validate those findings singularly and in combination using its patented TrueCardium™ organoid platform to identify the most relevant matches, including identifying a number of high-potential treatments for COVID-19.
  • Persephone Biosciences, Inc., JLABS @ San Diego: Persephone's microbiome therapeutic is envisioned to be used to enhance immunity which may reduce chances of coronavirus infection and could also be used to increase the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines in development.
  • Specific Biologics Inc., JLABS @ Toronto: Specific Biologics is leveraging its research in lung diseases with the aim to develop a nanoparticle-delivered gene editor to target and eliminate the genome of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a potential therapeutic for COVID-19.

“In our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we must act with urgency to support the entrepreneurs working on the ‘fragile frontlines’ of innovation. These pioneers in science and research are working, often with limited resources, to bring the potential healthcare solutions needed today over the finish line, as well as advance the vaccines, technologies and therapies of tomorrow.” said Melinda Richter, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS. “Blue Knight was designed to be bold in anticipating emerging threats, activating the global innovation community in new ways and amplifying the technological advances that aim to secure the future health of our families and communities.”

Blue Knight Expands Footprint to Three Additional Innovation Hubs

Blue Knight looks to expand its residency opportunities beyond  JLABS @ Washington, DC by extending the Blue Knight footprint to JLABS locations in New York City, San Diego and Toronto. In addition to joining JLABS at these four locations, all Blue Knight companies will receive dedicated mentorship from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and BARDA with the aim to help develop their ideas and navigate research, development and regulatory pathways as they work toward the realization of their prospective health security products and technologies and participate in targeted virtual programming and symposia. BARDA and JLABS will co-sponsor programming customized to the needs of Blue Knight companies, aligned with key areas of interest in infectious disease, public health, and company acceleration. The symposia will seek to convene the Blue Knight community with thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs working to bolster our response capacity and capabilities.  

Blue Knight will also offer a virtual residency, whereby companies dedicated to improving the speed and effectiveness of the nation’s response to emerging health security threats can apply to join the JLABS global network. These virtual Blue Knight companies, who are not location dependent and do not require lab space, will receive access to resources and programming along with dedicated mentorship from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and BARDA.

“BARDA’s partnership with Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS is part of the whole-of- America approach needed to respond not only to COVID-19 but also to the myriad of evolving health security threats our nation faces,” said Acting BARDA Director Gary Disbrow, Ph.D. “With Blue Knight embedded within the global JLABS network, we can support healthcare entrepreneurs focused on the development of advanced innovations to improve our nation’s response capability and protect us all from future public health emergencies.”

Applications submitted to be selected as a Blue Knight resident are reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information about Blue Knight or to apply for Blue Knight residency in Washington, D.C., New York City, San Diego and Toronto, visit  

Blue Knight programs are underway in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation experts from around the world. To view and register for upcoming Blue Knight programs, visit

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