Johnson & Johnson Innovation Facilitates Collaboration Agreement between Johnson & Johnson Consumer China and Beijing Urgaze Technology Co. Ltd. to Advance Sunscreen Awareness and Usage

At the Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Innovation Center, we are committed to bringing novel technology to our consumers as we work to provide superior skin protection against skin damage. Worldwide, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer[1] and rates are increasing rapidly. Despite previously low numbers in China, the incidence of skin cancers is on the rise and becoming a new public health threat.[2] This is believed to be, in part, due to a lack of education around skin protection from UV exposure. 

To take on this challenge, we are proud to announce that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health China has recently signed an agreement with Beijing Urgaze Technology Co. Ltd. (“Urgaze”) to evaluate the efficacy of Urgaze’s newly launched UV imaging device – the UVLOOK Mini UV camera. The collaboration was facilitated by the Asia Pacific Innovation Center.

Leveraging a UV multispectral CMOS image sensor, UVLOOK Mini – a small and accessible device – comprises a UV camera that attaches to a smartphone and converts UV reflection into images visible to the human eye. The device is accompanied by a digital app to provide consumers with the information needed to determine the effectiveness of their sunscreen protection under current conditions, having an impact on suncare product selection and usage.

As part of the collaboration, Johnson & Johnson Innovation will support Urgaze in conducting market research to evaluate the device within the consumer market using Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) campaigns in China. The generated data will help refine the technology and determine further potential collaboration opportunities with Urgaze’s new device and our sunscreen products to protect consumers against skin damage.

“The collaboration with Urgaze is a testimony of how the Asia Pacific Innovation Center has plugged itself into the consumer innovation ecosystem in China to discover and scout the potential opportunities in consumer health with full scale. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and the opportunities this cutting-edge technology may bring to the Skin Health Stronghold in the Consumer Health Sector. We will continue to work with more local start-ups like Urgaze to accelerate their products and technology commercialization in Asia for Asia Pacific consumers,” said Dan Wang, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific.