Abdul-Azziz Umaru

Development Team

As an R&D Engineer and professional at CDI@TMC, Abdul-Azziz Umaru works on several innovation projects demonstrating his expertise in designing, prototyping, testing and developing creative ideas from concept to reality.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Abdul spent over seven years in design and product development, manufacturing operations, supervision, and process improvement in the automotive and steel industries.

Abdul’s experience also encompasses launching several products, including a new fully fabricated 24,000lb rear suspension for bus and truck markets.  As the lead project engineer, he led the engineering design, testing, & launch for the team achieving success that resulted in advancement including leading future development projects.

Abdul began his career in design and prototyping while completing his undergraduate and graduate research projects. These projects included designing and fabricating a veterinary patient simulator, a static loading device for bicycle frames, and a Fab@Home FDM 3D printer.

Abdul has been developing products for 8+ years as an engineer. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Master’s in engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 2010 & 2011 respectively.

Abdul Umaru
Abdul Umaru