Heather Barnes,

External Innovation Lead, Consumer Health R&D

Heather Barnes is the External Innovation Lead for Johnson and Johnson Consumer Health EMEA, and is located at the EMEA Innovation Centre in London, U.K.  In this role, she provides scientific leadership in sourcing, developing and executing external partnerships for the current and future franchises of Consumer Health.  Heather is passionate about identifying innovations and crafting collaborations that help J&J bring the best health solutions to our consumers.

Most recently, Heather has completed the R&D Leadership Development Programme in Consumer Health.  Through the accelerated and structured three-year development framework, she has honed broad R&D expertise and excellent leadership capabilities.  Heather has experience in R&D management of new product development, external innovation and OTC, cosmetic and commodity regulatory affairs.  In addition to her day-to-day work, she leads Inspire and Grow, a cross-sector learning initiative, and sits on the EMEA Leadership Team for JnJ’s LGBT+ employee resource group. 

Prior to joining Johnson and Johnson, Heather completed academic research at The University of Warwick, data analysis at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and pharmaceutical research at AstraZeneca, in Sweden.

Heather holds a First-Class Masters in Biochemistry from The University of Warwick.

Heather Barnes
Heather Barnes