Jens Bitsch-Norhave,
Ph.D. , M.B.A.

Vice President, Transactions

Jens is the Vice President of Transactions for Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Boston.

He joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation from Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health, where he served as head of business development and licensing. Jens joined Johnson & Johnson in 2005 as part of the Janssen Business Development team and has successfully led and completed numerous transactions for both R&D, commercial and public health opportunities. He has significant expertise in creating innovative deal structures and re-thinking business models for sustainable value creation. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Jens held various positions in R&D and business development in both biotech and pharma companies.  

Jens holds a MSc in Biochemistry, a PhD in Neuropharmacology, and an MBA in Innovation Management. 


Jens Bitsch-Norhave
Jens Bitsch-Norhave