Jun Kusunoki,

Director, New Ventures Japan

Jun Kusunoki is the Director, New Ventures of Japan at the Innovation Center, Asia Pacific and is based in Tokyo. He focuses on sourcing and catalyzing innovation opportunities across all healthcare sectors in Japan.

Jun has over 23 years of experience as a drug discovery biologist focusing on diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidaemia. Previously, Jun was a Head of the lipid/ nutrient metabolism research group at Tsukuba Research Institute (Japan) of Merck Research Laboratories and the Director at MSD until 2008. He has held leadership positions in several pharmaceutical companies including MSD and Eli Lilly. During his career, he advanced four compounds to preclinical/clinical development, and nine targets to key milestones such as compound library screening, portfolio entry, hit, lead, and/or candidate molecule identification.

Jun received his B.S., M.Sci and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmaceutical Science from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science at Hoshi University (Japan) and is a registered pharmacist in Japan. He did post-doctoral training at the Zena and Michael A. Wiener Cardiovascular Institute.

Jun Kusunoki
Jun Kusunoki