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Winterlight Labs

While residing at JLABS @ Toronto, Winterlight Labs, developer of a computational linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning-based cognitive health assessment solution, entered into two collaborations with Janssen, facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Since graduating as a JLABS resident, Winterlight Labs remains a close partner. Our third collaboration between Winterlight Labs and Janssen brings together capabilities from both companies and focuses on using Janssen’s speech recordings from clinical trials with the aim to develop novel, speech-based, digital biomarkers to better characterize individuals with psychiatric disorders across multiple symptom domains. This collaboration involves the evaluation of acoustic speech features, and if promising, may extend to include data from additional studies and methods based on linguistic speech features.

It's a huge challenge for people living with depression to tell if their new antidepressant is working. Through the use of digital biomarkers such as speech, we hope to measure symptoms more objectively and characterize the patient population better. Working with Johnson & Johnson Innovation helps Winterlight validate its technology in clinical research settings, paving the way for more ambitious uses.

Liam Kaufman
CEO and Co-Founder, Winterlight Labs